Fitness Franchise News For 2019

The United States is the world’s largest health and wellness market, with 38,477 clubs and an annual growth rate of 3.6%. Industry revenues are growing at a slightly higher rate of 6.1% and are currently estimated at $30 billion. 

More than 55.3 million Americans belong to at least one health club, many of whom are members of “traditional” and “boutique” facilities. Visits to health clubs, gyms and studios have exceeded 5 billion. This equates to an average of 90 visits per person . Although the fitness industry has a reputation for high member turnover, the average retention rate is 72.4%.

The above data shows  the growth of this industry and how it  has evolved at an incredible rate, with new business models, training concepts and trends constantly emerging. Therefore, users are increasingly demanding and want to see new fitness club models. All of this data is further proof that owning a fitness franchise is a wise decision.  


Here are some more trends that you should keep in mind when doing research into the fitness industry and considering a fitness franchise. 


Digital Fitness 

Digital fitness is an essential element for gyms nowadays. Digital technology can help members get more motivated and be more loyal to their fitness regimen.It is therefore necessary to remain attentive to new technologies such as virtual reality or connectivity that can be included for both functional and machine training.

In fact, there is also speculation that the digitization of the fitness world is not limited to gyms and that more and more people will have the ability to begin workout regimens at the comfort of their home. Here at the Zoo Health Club, we are up to speed with the newest digital technology and trends to keep our members happy and connected with us at all times.


Healthy Living Is A Growing Lifestyle

Interest in promoting healthy lifestyles is growing and fitness has established itself as a very popular lifestyle for all generations. This also results in healthy training, whether for prevention or for sustainable muscle development, in which gyms and physiotherapists play an important role in this aspect.

“Body and Mind”, through yoga and meditation, is increasingly empowered, also takes into account aspects such as medical history to adapt training routines and know what machinery is best suited to prevent injuries or even to work on them. Importance is also given to the growing market for the promotion of physical activity in the workplace and you will begin to hear more about health management and its promotion in the workplace more frequently.


At Zoo Health Club, our franchise owners have the ability and flexibility to add different classes such as Yoga and meditation to help follow this growing trend and attract a loyal member following. 


Food Conscience

Many people are looking for the ideal combination of diet and exercise to gain lean mass. Contrary to what you might imagine, a fitness diet is not just based on protein from chicken and carbohydrate from sweet potato as a source of energy. The body needs all the nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals) in sufficient quantity so that you can gain muscle mass in a healthy way. Therefore, the way we eat and the type of food we eat has changed, giving great relevance to so-called organic products. Now we see it even in sports supplementation, which has organic products made with 100% natural ingredients and processes. The good thing about it is that you get two results, take care of yourself both inside and out. 

Our franchise owners are given the proper blueprint for personal training which includes the proper nutrition and food so that members can truly meet their fitness goals. 


The Gym Experience

 The new trend in fitness competence aims to make training in a gym “an experience”. Exercise enthusiasts can train alone or in small groups, compete with each other under professional guidance, or boost their own performance. The competition factor motivates members of gyms to attend training regularly and under the supervision of qualified personnel, it is intended to increase that dynamic. Competition is suitable for classic power training, circuits, functional training, spinning classes or other group exercises. Although many of these group/personal training environments are great, one can’t deny the need and effectiveness for weight training to be a part of a fitness regimen. For this reason many of the Zoo Health Club Franchises have functional group training classes going on regularly. This ultimately brings together the best of both worlds to its members.  

Fitness franchise trends is something that here at the Zoo Health Club, we look at very seriously. Here are some more trends we are keeping an eye on, as obtained from the American College of Sports Medicine. The results from a study they did show portable technology (wearable) as the first trend after being in the previous edition in the third. There is a growing emphasis on the use of fitness professionals for their training and certification, occupying the sixth position and entering the eighteenth, valuing their academic training.


  1. Wearable technology.
  2. Group training.
  3. HIIT.
  4. Exercise programs for seniors.
  5. Body weight training.
  6. Certification and Experience of Fitness Professionals.
  7. Yoga
  8. Personal training.
  9. Functional training.
  10. Exercise as Medicine.
  11. Wellness Coaching.
  12. Exercise and weight loss.
  13. Mobile applications of exercises.
  14. Mobility/myofascial devices.
  15. Occupational health promotion and workplace programmes.
  16. Measurement of results.
  17. Outdoor activities
  18. Academic training for Fitness professionals.
  19. Personal training in small groups.
  20. Post-rehabilitation sessions.


In short, portable technology returns to the highest position it had held for two consecutive years, before moving to number three in last year’s survey. Group training, understood as sessions of more than five participants, is ranked number two for the second consecutive year. It differs from personal training in small groups, which ranks 19th. 


The rest of the top five trends are HIIT in third; fitness programs for older adults, the fourth, which has made a strong rise in recent surveys; and body weight training, which uses a person’s own body weight to provide endurance in fifth place. 


Also noteworthy is the trend towards workplace health promotion and workplace wellness, which makes its first appearance in the top 20, at 15th position.  Trends away from the top 20 since the previous survey have been circuit weight training, sport-specific training and basic training.



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