The health and fitness industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries today. With an estimated global value of 3.7 billion and double-digit annual growth since 2010, it is poised to continue growing at an accelerated pace.


But how did the health and fitness industry thrive? Let’s explore the factors so that those looking into a fitness franchise can be better informed.  


  1.     The rise of lifestyle-related diseases.
  2.     Influence of social networks.
  3.     Increasingly health-conscious consumers.
  4.     A change of attitude towards preventive medicine.

Now let’s take a deeper look into each topic.

  • The rise of lifestyle-related diseases.


Since the advent of technology and automation in the workplace, people are increasingly busy and with less time to do physical activity, because of this there are risks to personal health and also to their environment; and if we add to this area the unhealthy food choices dominated by processed ready-to-eat foods that save time, we generate amazing results.


In 2014, almost 40% of adults were considered overweight, a product of the environment, more hours in front of the computer and television leads to people taking less and less time to do physical activity, data from the World Health Organization. 


In the United States, that number rose to 70%, making it the most overweight country in the world, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Millennials and Generation Z are more stressed than previous generations. 


There has been an unprecedented increase in demand for healthier alternatives, and fast food restaurants have been rejected in favor of informal diners and full-service restaurants. With this scenario the opportunity comes to supply the need. 


As consumers continue to prioritize their health and actively seek healthy alternatives to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses, businesses meet that demand and thrive as a result.  


  1. Influence of social networks.


Today health and fitness are a phenomenon in social networks. In Instagram alone, the hashtag #fitness has more than 300 million publications. According to Statista, there are approximately 2500 million people using social networking platforms today.

Social media influencers are one of the driving forces behind the growth of the health and fitness industry. On the one hand, they promote healthy eating, exercise, and the desire for a slim, athletic physique. In other words, they are convincing people to work harder on their bodies. Second, they use their social influence to obtain sponsorship and advertising agreements and influence what products, services and supplements their followers consume.

To take account of reality drives action: 


  • o Instagram has more than one billion active users
  • o 60% of Instagram users use the platform to discover new products.
  • o 65% of Instagram’s high-performance publications feature a product. 

Authentic and reliable social network influencers who embody the aspirations, lifestyles and desires of their followers are incredibly persuasive and are an important form of advertising for the health and wellness industry. 

Example… “ Kayla Itsines is an influence example, brilliant and handles the subject of health and wellness marvelously, she helps promote a lifestyle and the foods they use to maintain that lifestyle. And it works. Kayla built a physical empire mainly by taking advantage of Instagram to sell training programs and attract paid sponsorship agreements. She now has more than 11 million followers and an estimated net worth of $46 million. https://www.instagram.com/kayla_itsines/

Our fitness franchise owners can attest to the impact of social media networks on our business and health and fitness in general. 


  3. Increasingly health-conscious clients

The media has a direct impact on the overall proliferation of the health and wellness industry. The more content produced on the subject, the more people will consume it. The more people consume it, the more concerned about their health they become and the more products they buy.

There is also a proliferation of digital content around the theme of health and wellness. A simple Google search for “health and wellness” yields more than 500 million results, with a search volume of more than 12,000 per month in the United States. 

The point is that people are increasingly looking for health and wellness information, so naturally companies and content creators produce content to support the demand for that information.

There is also a great deal of unbiased information aimed at educating the general public about health, wellness and nutrition.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about health because there is increased interest in the subject: with generation Z (anyone born since 1996) reporting increased sensitivity to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we don’t see this trend being dizzying in the future. Our fitness franchise model pays close attention to all the many different groups to better understand how to market to them. 


4. A change of attitude towards health care and preventive medicine

Medical professionals traditionally practice curative medicine, that is, they seek to cure existing medical conditions. However, preventive health care has become increasingly popular. Many health professionals now suggest a healthy lifestyle, from the foods you eat to your activity level, as the best way to prevent ill health. On the one hand, it’s arguably cheaper than curative solutions. Second, it is a proactive and empowering approach that produces numerous benefits, in addition, to simply “not being sick. From 2000 to 2016 the number of health professionals who recommended healthy eating and regular exercise to their patients increased by 10%.

Disciplines such as yoga have grown in popularity by 50% from 2012 to today. Gym memberships have nearly doubled since 2000, now with more than 60 million people in the United States having one. Private clubs and boutique gyms (those smaller units that offer specific, exclusive workouts through a pay-as-you-go system) are proliferating in all metropolitan areas where wealthy people seek spinning classes.

The market for gymnastics facilities and classes has never been more lucrative or popular than it is today, and much of that is due to a shift toward preventive health care.


An industry fed by consumers.

Today there are many factors that play an important role in the health and fitness industry, and they have become the most important thing: a dramatic change in consumer behaviour in favour of health over convenience.

Consumers are more informed than ever and are showing their values through the products and services they consume. As the fast food industry suffers, healthier alternatives are growing. To survive, multinational fast food chains like Burger King are introducing meatless alternatives to their classic Whopper, which claims to be a healthier option and whose production is more environmentally sustainable.

Finally, the health and fitness industry has certainly experienced unprecedented growth in the last decade, and its future looks equally bright. Retailers and restaurateurs who offer healthy, natural alternatives to synthetic products will eventually attract more consumers and thrive in the long run.


So, now is a better time than ever to enter the fitness industry and owning a franchise is certain one of the safest ways to ensure success. 



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The Zoo fitness franchise business model works by keeping the size of the club in the small to medium range and keeping expenses low. Our top of the line equipment combined with low monthly dues is a business model that will give you a competitive edge! What ever the definition of success is to you, the Zoo fitness franchise business model can accomplish your goals.


Free time with your family or the freedom of being in control of your own time. The Zoo business model can give you pride of ownership and the ability to control your own destiny. The Zoo Health Club Fitness Franchise has developed professional individual health club web sites for all 50 states and soon to be opened locations, increasing search engine presence, brand recognition and member leads. We are capturing new member leads for you before you even own the territory. The Zoo Health Club franchise model offers a step-by-step guide on how to open a fitness center. Our team of fitness industry experts will guide you through every aspect of opening and operating a successful fitness center franchise. .


The main source of revenue will come from both enrollment fees and monthly dues. The Zoo fitness franchise has one of the lowest monthly dues program anywhere and helps create membership sales which increases sales volume for the franchisee. Your dues may vary based on demographics and services at your facility.


Our fitness franchise revenue will come from multiple profit centers such as:

  • One-on-one and group personal training
  • Weight loss programs, nutrition and weight loss products
  • Smoothies, protein shakes and bars.
  • Tanning
  • Retail/Sportswear
  • Home equipment sales and cardio bikes


Most people have never had to deal with building owners and leasing agents. Lease negotiations can be overwhelming. Let our experts help you with proper negotiations while getting the best possible rate and seeing that the lease agreement is structured properly.


The first aspect and consideration of how to open a fitness center is choosing the right franchise and making sure that you have a fair and equitable lease. Your lease (location) must work demographically and financially to insure your long-term feasibility and success. Let The Zoo Health Club Franchise Experts guide you through this most important task.


Lease or Purchase

Our experts will work with you on selecting the best equipment for the size of your Zoo Health Club and your budget. Leasing is a good choice and our experts will put you in touch with the helpful leasing companies that specialize in the health and fitness industry.


When you consider opening a health club it is important to rely on industry experts who can guide you through each process and decision to insure that your initial though, “how to open a fitness center” is not only realized – it’s successful.




Strategic Location

Location, location, location! Convenient, easily accessible locations in secondary shopping centers make frequent visits routine for the entire family.

Low Fees

Low monthly fees attract and retain members.


Top-of-the-line equipment offers a competitive edge and keeps members challenged.

Low Costs

Small- to medium-size locations limit lease costs and ensure a friendly, community-like environment.


A variety of special products and services please members and increase revenue.


We provide a proven model and step-by-step guidance on how to open a fitness center.


Investors all over the world are asking themselves, what is the best franchise concept? As you may have seen fitness franchises are popping up left and right representing growth in the health and fitness industry and opportunity for potential investors. What is the reason for this recent craze and what factors should you take into consideration before taking a plunge?

Growing Industry

Industries usually have cycles. Some may see growth and decline, while other stay stagnant. The health and fitness industry is one of the few that has continued growth and it does not seem to be declining. Trends come and go but everyone can agree that staying fit and healthy is a way of life and that will not change. This industry has seen has seen double digit growth in the past 10 years and as more and more people move to eating healthier, organic foods, you can expect more people will be wanting to get in shape. Opening a gym franchise helps you capitalize on this growing trend toward fitness.

Work Environment

When considering a franchise opportunity, work environment is another factor. If you are going to invest in a business and you want to be part of its success, your day-to-day experience in the business is important. Many people have avoided the fast food franchise concept because of the stressful work atmosphere. For many it is not the most appealing thing to be behind a hot kitchen all day, dealing with hundreds of customers in very fast-paced environment. A health club franchise is a different environment altogether. Overall it is a less stressful and more enjoyable atmosphere.

Time Commitment

A gymfranchisehas many moving pieces but once those pieces are in place, the club basically runs itself. Of course, a good manager is necessary, but unlike other businesses, you do not have to be there the whole day. In fact, many health club owners have other businesses or run multiple clubs. This is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects about owning a fitness franchise.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Perhaps the most attractive aspect about owning a health club is the multiple revenue streams. Whereas most businesses have one main source of revenue, a health club has several. Think of membership fees, personal trainer fees, kids club, juice bar, supplements, apparel, special classes, additional amenities such as tanning, etc. If you are going to invest in a business a health club franchise is something you should definitely think about.

Benefits of Franchising

Franchising with Zoo Health Club is a wonderful thing because you get to be in business for yourself without actually being in business by yourself.

  1. Training Sets You Up for Success: Before you open your Zoo Health Club, you will go through our franchisee training where you learn everything you need to know about running a gym franchise. We cover everything from business management to the Zoo Health Club operations procedures to the fitness industry.
  2. Zoo Health Club Supports You from the Start: At Zoo Health Club, we want nothing more than to see you succeed. Our teams are here to help you with everything from finding the right location to advertising your grand opening. In addition, we have systems in place that make it easy for you to operate your business—things like software, operations manuals, and business practices are all ready for you to implement in your store so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  3. Balance Your Work and Personal Life: One of the best parts of franchising is that it puts you in control of your career. As the owner, you have the power to make decisions for your business so that you can enjoy every success and learn from every downfall. Even better, you are in control of balancing your work and personal life in ways that you never were before. You can live the life you want and still have the career you have always dreamed of.
  4. No Need for Prior Experience: We often hear franchisees say that their lack of experience owning a business held them back from taking that leap to invest in a franchise. Don’t waste your time waiting and wondering! You don’t need a background in entrepreneurship to be a successful Zoo Health Club franchisee. Our training program, support resources, and network of franchisees will give you all the tools you need to thrive in your new role.
  5. Flexible Equipment Options: Unlike some health club franchise opportunities, Zoo Health Club gives you flexibility when it comes to your equipment. Choose from a variety of the top fitness brands to find the right combination of machines to meet your members’ needs.

For more information on the cost of a Zoo Gym franchise and other details, fill out the form below and request a Free Franchise Toolkit for Success. This will tell you everything you need to know so you can make an educated decision on whether this opportunity is right for you.

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